Big news on state tests

While I was out on vacation, the state department of education made a major announcement about our transition to Common Core.

No matter how your school scores on the SATP and MCT2 next year, its accountability ratings cannot decrease. That will be true, in fact, for the next two years, so there will be no new ratings the first year of the PARCC assessment.

Right now it’s very hard to predict how schools will react to this news–and many may not yet be aware of the announcement. I’m hopeful that this means many schools will start having Common Core-aligned pacing guides next year, and not care so much about the SATP and MCT2. That said, because accountability ratings can still increase next year, so of the lowest performing schools may still have an incentive not to transition to Common Core.

Either way, our recommendation to you remains the same: plan your unit tests so that they align to this year’s end-of-year assessment, since you know students will still be taking the SATP or MCT2. Do your best to incorporate rigorous, Common Core-aligned questions on those assessments. But the best way to work forward towards Common Core is to give your kids performance tasks on a consistent basis.

Read the official announcement here.

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