What should I be thinking about with my vision?

Hey y’all —

Our 2013 corps members are heading “home” from Kick-Off–for some, your new Mississippi home, and for a lucky few, the place you come from. And 2012 corps members are starting to trickle back into the state. As you’re getting more concrete about what your classroom is going to look like, here are some questions you might want to contemplate in order to be thinking big picture about the year to come.

  • What long-term pathways might be available to your students as a result of your class?
  • What are the most important ideas in your grade level, and how will those shape your approach to teaching?
  • If you had to explain to someone what math “is” what would you say? What beliefs do you hold about math and how it should be learned?
  • What beliefs and habits do you want your students to hold? Why?
  • How are you structuring your class, and why are you choosing to do so?
  • How is what you’re doing rooted in students’ identities, as well as their cultural identities and the community where they live?
  • What is your academic goal and access goal?

As a reminder, your goals are the public, time-bound, and measurable declaration of all this thinking. You’re putting a line in the sand, and saying this is where we can and must get this year. Of course it won’t represent everything–but it will give you and your students something to shoot for. Your academic goal should clarify what test your students will be taking at the end of the year, and the kind of performance it will take for kids to be on your new pathway. Your access goal should be even bigger picture: what doors will open as a result of your class? A strong access goal should (1) build competitive skill and positive mindsets; (2) aligned to bigger, long-term pathways; and (3) measurable for all students in your class. If you want to talk through what this could look like, definitely email me!

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