New Common Core sample items

Thought you all might be interested to know that PARCC has released its first batch of sample items to prep for next year’s assessment. (Quick review, in case you’ve forgotten: PARCC is the group that is creating the assessment that we’ll be using next year.) This is a big step forward–previously, the organization had only released prototype items that they were still testing out. Now we’ve got a much clearer picture of what we’ll see next year!

You can find the released items here. Just click on a grade level and watch for items that are labeled as “New!”

I’m curious to hear what everyone thinks about these. There are elements that disappoint me: that seem overly cumbersome for students to engage with, or that where despite some computer flashiness, this is not much different than an old-fashioned open response item. But it’s still a major step up from the MCT2. 

(I also thought this item bears a striking resemblance to the problem Dan Meyer talks about in his famous TED Talk. I wouldn’t be surprised if that connection was intentional.)

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