Workshops are up and running!

Just a reminder: our initial batch of workshops and webinars are up and running.  I’ve hosted workshops already in Jackson and Cleveland, and our first webinar will be tonight!

Don’t forget to get your 18 credits, you’ll need to be doing on average one session like this every two weeks–and to get 10 credits in the first semester, you’ll have to be doing them even more often.  So if you haven’t already started to plan out a schedule by which you want to work through your professional development, you should start thinking about it soon!  If you have questions about what sessions will be most valuable for you, feel free to send me questions, or talk to your MTLD.

You can find all the info here. I’ll be working early next week to schedule the next batch of sessions, so if you have feedback about what kinds of workshops you’d like to see offered, or have any guidance about times and dates that would be most valuable to you, please shoot me an email at boyce (dot) upholt (at) teachforamerica dot org.

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