Hands on Math

This year, I’m trying to make math more concrete for my students, especially my Algebra 1 students.  Not only do I want math to be relevant and necessary for my students, but also I want them to “feel” the math. I believe students who make physical actions, which represent mathematical concepts, will have a more solid understanding for why certain mathematical concepts work. Hopefully, they will see and believe for themselves why math works, and be able to articulate and explain the math.  So far this year, my Algebra 1 classes have completed more hands-on activities. I noticed students were more engaged during these days, and the lessons’ concepts stayed with the students as the unit progressed and the math got a little more abstract.

Here are printable algebra tiles:


MM_Distributive Property is an activity that uses M & M’s to show students the distributive property is repeated addition of a group.

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