Elated For EdTech

Educational Technology has been something of a passion of mine for a few years now. As a young teacher with access to an iPhone, working internet, and even an iPad I immediately hungered to find ways to use them. When I began implementing these tools in my classroom (I even have students using ClassDojo on my iPod Touch) I have observed sharp increases in student engagement, investment, understanding, and I’ve become more organized and better at time-management. I am happy to give you the specific sites and apps later but for starters I figured I’d share the website that I steal all of my EdTech resources from. It is called Edsurge. I strongly encourage you all to sign up for this website and most importantly its weekly emails. I read these and have found at least one effective tool or resource every time. Don’t take my word for it- sign up now!

(did I mention it is totally free?)


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