Where do you stand?

I was just going through some old files and came across this “student scope and sequence” that I wrote a few years ago, when we were first beginning to provide math-specific support here in Mississippi. There are certain ideas in there that I might amend slightly, after gathering a few more years’ wisdom: for example, I actually think students should be able to use basic properties and definitions before they spit them back (see “Math makes sense” in the First 8 Weeks), and I’m less of a fan of the kinds of procedural “problem-solving strategies” that are implied in some places. But in general this is still very reflective of how I’d like to see students developing in a novice teacher’s classroom!

I thought I’d share it — I know teachers in the past have appreciated seeing not just the kinds of high-level exemplars we often look at, but also a reasonable, feasible pace by which their own classrooms should grow.

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