Goodbye Grading

I have heard many teachers complain that grading is the bane of their existence. It takes endless hours to grade the homework assignments, quizzes, and tests of a hundred students and double that time to organize and use the data in a meaningful way. For this very reason I was overjoyed to find a resource that would do the above for me in seconds (and without having to beg the curriculum specialist for Scantrons)

The website is

This website allows you to enter your students, print out your own Scantrons, and immediately scan student work using any computer with a camera, an iPad with a camera, or a document camera.

The website then takes the data and breaks down the percentage of students that answered each question correctly. The website can even print out item analysis reports which show what percentage of students answered which answer for each question. This data can be a powerful tool for determining students’ strengths and weaknesses.


Cons- It only works for multiple choice assessments


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