A resource from a Mississippi alum

A quick message from Laura Shanteler, Teach for America Alum (Delta ‘09).

I taught for 3 years in the Delta and then another year at KIPP New Orleans Leadership Academy. I have recently teamed up with a great company called TestSoup to work with my fellow TFA Delta Alum, Alex Hollis. I joined the team to develop and manage their new Common Core branch. We are working to create high-quality, rigorous Common Core materials that can be used as a supplement for the incredible instruction you are already giving your students. It can be used as a resource for you, a resource for parents, and additional practice for students.

TestSoup is going to be launching our first complete set of materials, 6th Grade Math, the week of November 4th. As part of this launch, we are going to be gifting all students who attend schools with Teach for America teachers with free online access to our online materials! We are committed to continue supporting students in the places that need us the most, so we want to make sure you and your students have access to our online content, free of charge.

If you’re an interested 6th grade math teacher, you can send Laura the following information (laura@testsoup.com):

  • A list of your students’ names or initials. Laura will go ahead and set up accounts for each students.
  • The email address you want associated with the account
  • The name and address of your school, so she can send welcome packets


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