Review Friday: Amazing Race!

Late again this week, but here here’s a fun game from Learning Team Leader Dave Spallina ’12 (who learned it, in turn, from Meg Garry ’11):

  • Cut individual questions out and place them in a shoe organizer. Scaffold questions so the easiest questions are in the first row, and the hardest are in the last row.
  • Have kids partner.
  • Only one person from each partner pair can walk in the classroom (things can get crazy if this rule isn’t enforced).
  • Each team must send someone up to the shoe organizer to get the first question (upper left hand corner).
  • Partner returns to other partner; and the two complete the problem.
  • When finished, one partner brings the completed problem up to the teacher, who is sitting by the shoe organizer. Teacher checks to see if problem was done correctly.
    • If correct, team earns 1 point and can move on to the next question to the right on the shoe organizer.
    • If incorrect, team gets deducted .5 points and must return back to partner, and re-solve the problem, and bring back to teacher for a check.
  • The team that finishes first, and has the highest score wins. 

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