Review Friday: Hypothetical Tests

One more idea from Dave this week: You can create a “hypothetical” failing test to show to students. Dave often does this based on actual student responses, but you can also do it based on common mistakes so no specific students feel called out.

To make this work, take a test or worksheet you have given to students, and complete it yourself, but make mistakes. Lots of mistakes. Mistakes you know your students are making. It should be the kind of test you’d give your students a 0% on.

Then you hand out copies of this work, or put it up on the projector. As a whole class discussion, or in groups, students should discuss what kinds of changes they would make to bring up the grade, problem by problem. This would work for an SATP or MCT2 problem, too — though you’d probably want to include the work you did (incorrectly!) so that students have something to correct.

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