Professional Learning Communities are NOW LIVE!

Hey everyone!

I’m so excited for the launch of our regional Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Before getting to the registration link, here’s a quick reminder about how PLCs will operate:

1) Teachers sign up for a Geographic and/or Content PLC. Geographic PLCs are great for connecting and collaborating with other math teachers in your area, while content PLCs help you connect with teachers across the state who teach your same content. When you first sign up for the PLC, it will ask you which option(s) you are interested in. As a reminder, we have 3 options to kick off the quarter:

  • Mastering My Content: Relay Modules
  • Virtual Observation Cycle
  • Teaching Math for Social Justice Book Study

2) Your PLC Coordinator will email you by October 24th (pushed back from October 17th) to introduce everyone in the PLC and to set up first meeting.

3) PLC will meet multiple times to set goals aligned to chosen option, discuss progress towards goals, and share results.

4) PLC members will submit exit form to receive specialized credit.

5) PLC decides on a follow-up option that they want to engage with and PLC Coordinator submits to Ethan for approval. Cycle restarts!

Of course, this is just the formal structure – PLC members can (and are encouraged) to meet informally by phone/email/in-person in between required PLC meetings.

Before you sign up, meet your PLC Coordinators! They will help organize and coordinate the PLCs to make them as purposeful and useful as possible for all of us.


So if you’re interested in joining, don’t delay! PLCs begin operating soon.


Note: If you would like to sign up for PLCs after October 24th, please email Ethan directly.

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