Build on what they know: sequencing math lessons

Example lesson sequences

  • Elementary – distinguishing even and odd numbers: Your session facilitator will have a hard copy of this lesson sequence!
  • Middle school – scientific notation: Note that this is a lesson, rather than a lesson sequence; but it still demonstrates some of the same pedagogical ideas. It is shorter than the others, so be sure to look at other materials, as well.
  • Pre-algebra/Algebra – linear equations
  • Algebra – introduction to functions
  • Algebra/Algebra II – transformations of functions
  • Geometry – lines and angles
  • Algebra II – completing the square
  • Pre-calculus – inverse trig functions
  • Other – basic measurementThis lesson sequence covers elementary-level content, but targeted for students thinking at a collegiate level. Given this, it is unlikely to be directly applicable to your classroom, but gives a good model of how you can return to foundational content that your students lack, but approach it in a way that feels age-appropriate for older students.

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