Emphasizing Student Voice Pilot Development Track

Welcome to MTH104, the Emphasizing Student Voice Pilot track! Below you will find course-specific guidance, required pre-work, resources and log-in information.

Session 4: The Merger – Culture and Content


(~30 minutes) Administer your Culture Survey to your students, and track it. This round of culture surveys should be your SECOND round, and should be from within three weeks of this session’s date.

  • Need a soft-copy of the surveys? You can find them here.
  • Need to find your tracker and get some guidance on setting it up? Everything you need is on this page.
  • Still have questions? Please be proactive and reach out to Ethan or your TLD Coach!

(~10 minutes) Complete the quick reflection here: http://goo.gl/forms/Cp4Q8C8VR9 

Session 3: Our PBL Classrooms


  • Share a unit theme that you would like to address

o   Example: Recycling programs (cost/benefit analysis, business plan)

  • Identify the topics and content standards that you would be teaching in that unit

o   Example: Statistics, 7.SP.1, 7.SP.2

  • Use those standards to create 3-5 driving questions to explore in your unit

o   Example: How does probability relate to games?

o   Example: What if we decided to mandate recycling at school?

o   Need help? Use the driving question tubric and/or read this article!

  • Choose a time to hop on the phone with Devon next couple of weeks and email her your preference (copy the other course participants so that we don’t double-book). We will chat about your current progress with emphasizing student voice and make sure that our final sessions tailor to best serve your classroom context and priorities.

o   4PM Tuesday, 9/15

o   4PM Friday, 9/25

o   4PM Tuesday, 9/29

o   5PM Tuesday, 9/29

Joining the Session

Our third meeting will be on Thursday, October 1st at 5:15.

Join WebEx meeting

Session 2: Project-Based Learning 101


<Before Session 2> Design a lesson that explicitly addresses student needs (affective and intellectual). Upload that lesson plan and 3+ student work samples to this folder. Be prepared to share about your lesson.

<Before Session 2> Ask students some or all of the CRT-aligned questions (links in session 1 resources) and be prepared to share trends and responses that “stuck” with you.

<At least 24 hours before Session 2> Open this: http://ww2.kqed.org/mindshift/2015/09/03/pixar-in-a-box-teaches-math-through-real-animation-challenges/

  • Read the attached article
  • Choose at least one artifact embedded in the article (either video, other article, linked resource)

<At least 24 hours before Session 2> Read this sample lesson + student responses

Joining the Session

Our first session will be on Thursday, September 17th, 5:15PM-6:45PM

Join WebEx meeting

Join WebEx meeting

Session 1: Partnering with Students and Parents in Curriculum


<Before Session 1> Make sure that your technology is working.

Please ensure that…

Additionally, please ensure that you are at a location with a stable internet connection

<At least 24 hours before> Email Ethan with 1) Your pacing-guide/curriculum for the year and 2) an explanation about what drew you to this track and what you hope to achieve from it.

<Before the session> Read this chapter from The Impact of Identity in K-8 Mathematics. Be prepared to discuss the three questions listed at the end of the reading.

Session Resources

Session 1 Powerpoint

Only Good in Theory poem

Critical Issues Long-Term Plan Example

5 Types of Intellectual Need (with examples)

Student Questions Grounded in CRT

Additional questions worth knowing about students and their families

We will use the following links throughout the session:

Joining the Session

Our first session will be on Thursday, September 3rd, 5:15PM-6:45PM

Session has concluded.


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