Instructional Routines

This session will focus on varying your instructional strategies–what kinds of routines and lesson methods may best help our students to be empowered and inspired, and what we can do as teachers to ensure we are effectively employing all the kinds of instruction that we should. A substantial portion of the session will involve reflecting on your own classroom, so it is essential that you arrive having completed all of the following:

  1. Download the prework 1 document, which includes sample tasks developed by various Teach For America teachers and designers across the country. Pick one task closest to your grade level and:
    • Complete the task as if you were a student
    • Read the learning theory debrief on the following page
  2. Skim the document marked Prework 2, which includes descriptions of a number of different kinds of activities that are effective for building student thinking.
  3. Plan and execute a lesson using one of the instructional methods described in the pre-work. Be prepared to discuss:
    • What did you do after the instruction– how did you debrief, follow up, and/or practice with your students? What questions did you ask or what structures did you implement?
    • If you were to re-teach this lesson, what might you do differently in terms of debrief, follow up and/or practice? What questions would you ask or what structures would you implement?

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