Rachana Raghothama

Hello fellow math teachers!

This will be my third year teaching math in Jackson Mississippi. I was one of those fools that checked the box next to “Middle School” and have been teaching 6th grade ever since. Despite the craziness that is puberty, I love teaching in the middle school division. The past two years have led me to understand how critical it is to transition the agile 11 year old mind from a purely skill based framework to applying those skills in a real world context.

Too many of my students have gone on to Algebra and secondary math without being able to tackle open ended questions or critically think about real world problems. I’m still trying to figure out how to effectively teach these skills.

As a learning team leader, I’m excited to share the things I’ve successfully implemented and more importantly the things I have failed at and learned from. I plan on learning along side you as we tackle teaching higher levels of math in Mississippi together!


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