Metrics, Rubrics, and Tracking

Keeping track of relevant student progress and providing meaningful, consistent feedback on that data is a matter of equity that all of our students deserve. Specifically for our #Mathissippi team, we define student academic progress through three metrics…


Click here to see metrics, explanations, and data resources for each grade level and math content.

  • This is where you can head if you’re wondering…
    • What is the minimal data required for my grade or content?
    • What are my end-of-year, summative expectations for mathematics?
    • Where are rubrics I can use for consistent open-ended task feedback?
    • Where are already-made summative assessments for my grade or content?

Click here to request a tracker to help organize and respond to student data.

  • Fill out the world’s shortest Google Form and then…
    • Ethan will add the requested trackers to your CM Portfolio.
    • Ethan will email you letting you know that your tracker is set up, and you can take it from there.

Finally – analyze, discuss with your coach, Ethan, and peers, and respond to data

While these quantitative measures are not the full picture of what we are seeking to accomplish with students, they are the baseline metrics we believe will most accurately guide and measure our students’ progress and engagement with rigorous content. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Ethan or your TLD Coach.