Option 1: Analyze student work

Your student change should include a date and what you’d like to see by that date:

  • A specific category within the rubric where you might see scores increase, and a specific amount by which the average score will increase.
  • A specific understanding you want your students to demonstrate–including what question they’ll answer, and how they’ll answer (e.g., written on an exit ticket, out loud in discussion, etc.)
  • Etc.

Your teacher change might include:

  • Re-teaching a concept by adjusting your lesson plan
  • Introducing a new structure to your class to help build new kinds of skills
  • Etc.

Here’s your protocol:

  1. Set the context: What unit was this from? What were the standards? The big ideas? How did you have students engage with the task?
  2. Discuss the work: What from the standard and the big idea does each student understand? What is each student missing? Is there a pattern to what students did well with, and where they struggled?
  3. Discuss causes: Why did students struggle with what they did? Are there core logical ideas that they have not yet wrapped their heads around? Are there symbols and conventions that they don’t understand clearly? Are there specific non-mathematical skills that are holding them back (e.g. reading comprehension, organizing their thinking, etc.). Consider browsing Math Mistakes to see if there are similar mistakes out there.
  4. Discuss instruction: What did you learn from looking at this work that might change how you support and instruct students (all of them, or certain groups)?
  5. Discuss assessment: How well did this task allow students to demonstrate their knowledge? How did it allow students to display a range of thinking, from simple to complex? How might you design your next task differently?

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