Option 3: Pick a task

Your student change should be a date by which you will have clear data and evidence from a performance task

Your teacher change should be a task you will give.

To pick a task, you should:

  • Determine what topic you’re teaching next.
  • Determine what big understandings you want your students to demonstrate about that topic. Ideally you should be able to express these in full sentences.
  • Look at performance tasks to see if any fit those understandings (or use the performance tasks to better understand your topic and articulate the understandings)

There are three good sources of performance tasks:

  • Illustrative Mathematics (includes tasks from K – 12)
  • Mathematics Assessments Project (includes tasks from 6 – 12; please choose from the ‘Apprentice’ and ‘Expert’ tasks, rather than ‘Novice’ tasks or Formative Assessment Lessons)
  • Balanced Assessment (includes tasks from K – 12)
  • For upper level math classes, open-ended AP test questions may be an appropriate substitute for these tasks. Please contact your MTLD to discuss your options.

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